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dinosaur tramplingI managed not to forget today’s Sketchcrawl, even if I did get there a bit late. I mostly sketched solo at the museum, hooking up with the rest of the group near the main entrance (where I snapped this photo of a long-dead brontosaur about to trample me) just before we left in search of cafés. We wound up splitting the group, with half a dozen of us getting Vietnamese food and actually learning each other’s names. The we rejoined and went down to the West Village, where we found a spot where we could hang for a while and drink beverages and draw.

It was a mostly animation crowd, with a few folks from Blue Sky Studios up in Westchester, and lots of ex-SVA people. I’d forgotten how good it feels to hang out and draw with other artists.

This page is pretty much the only one I did in the museum that came out decent:
sea critters

Inept drawings of my fellow artists:
my fellow artists

A couple of other café patrons:
some other cafe patrons
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