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Snake at a party

I took off Friday and Monday from work to go up for cthulhia’s Snakes on a Plane party.

Actually, Friday was for laundry and sleeping late and making an iron-on t-shirt of my “Badger and Mushroom on a Plane” design. The party was Saturday night. I took Amtrak up, hoping for maybe a rhyming herpetological incident, but no, just 45 minutes worth of normal mysterious service delays. The party was lots of fun, especially with this special guest:

Snake in a suitcase!

That’s a nine-foot albino Burmese python. And yes, she was brought packed in that suitcase. And nobody managed to mix a binary explosive out of beverages. That I know of.

Then I spent Sunday and Monday up there, and I didn’t realize till I’d got home that I’d totally forgotten to even mention either of the two Boston places I’d been meaning to check out on my next trip up. So I’ll have to make a list for next time.

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