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My books try to kill my computer

small headshot with glassesYesterday I went into Manhattan to pick up a ticket for Scott McCloud’s presentation on Monday night. (Tickets are free; details here.) I expect lots of the NYC comics crowd to show up — the name before mine on the tickets list was Ryan North, of Dinosaur Comics fame, and on my way out I ran into Raina Telgemeier, of Smile and the comics version of The Baby-Sitter’s Club.

Then I plopped down in a comfy chair at the NYU Starbucks near Washington Square Park (the only Starbucks I know of that still has big, comfy chairs), and sketched:

guy in a chair


Grrr! While getting up to get my sketchbook out of my bag, my weight on the floor was enough to jiggle the top shelf of my bookshelf free, spilling heavy books down onto the platform where I keep my laptop. The heaviest stuff fell behind the computer, but I did dent the hinge. Doesn’t seem to have done any functional damage, at least not that I’ve been able to tell. Yet. I’m moving the books down to shelves near the floor.
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